God knows how many times a week you’re using this corner of the house but a redecorated dining room is like a dragon fruit: nice to stare at!

It’s annoying when someone redecorates better than you do! That’s why we’ve chosen five interior design ideas to help you manage this situation like a pro.

1.Replace the xerox chairs with a bench and a fur carpet to make sitting more comfortable. Emphasizing the mirror by putting some vintage plates around it isn’t a bad idea either!

redecorated dining room 2. No room for a boring lamp or a lousy table cloth! The lighting fixture has an Oriental shape while the white table is modern. Go for colorful glassware and succulent plants to add personality to the space.

redecorated dining 2 room

3. All is minimal but the joy! Do justice to your white walls and choose contrasting pieces to the redecorated dining room. A massive wood table, lightweight chairs and a simple frame will amp up the zen mood.

redecorated dining room 3

4. Ok, so your house doesn’t look like this. Still, you’ll get the point. This raw wood table is fabulous on its own but also in combination with grandma’s cabinet. A few hand painted neutral pots&vases will compliment the decor.

redecorated dining room 4

5. The bright Moroccan carpet ads a particular charm to the dining room while the tall sideboard is a cool detail against a dark wall or wallpaper. Set the table using mix-matched candle holders and napkins.

redecorated dining room carpet

Tell us in a comment below which one you like best!

Photos: Pinterest