Because if you are, you surely need a CAPE!

If you followed the fashion week extravaganza, then for sure you saw the Alberta Ferretti beauties – all feminine, flowy, flowery pieces and on top of it all – THE CAPES! My heart skipped a beat and I started imagining all the superwoman outfits that could integrate the cape.

Now. don’t be scared of the length and richness of Ferretti’s cape, as you will see, there are lots of more wearable options. First of all you can go for the midi capes, which are much more comfortable and easy to integrate in day to day outfits. And then you have the LEATHER CAPE. (The caps just show my enthusiasm). A compromise would be wearing your trenchcoat on your shoulders but the dramatism lowers a bit.

So, here are the original looks from the show

And here is some street style inspiration

And here are some pieces you can shop ASAP and integrate into your outfits. What would your Monday be without a cape?

You can get the Schumacher black cape here, or purchase the flowery Delpozo here.

Happy shopping, darlings!