Have I gone mad? No. Maybe. Yes. The fact is I wanted to talk about why would a woman want to purchase super expensive bags.

You can’t logically explain why a handbag should cost more than a car or a (tiny) studio apartment, but in terms of fashion, anything makes sense if you want it to. A luxury product has two components: the craftsmanship and materials, and the social status value attached. People build their image not only upon facts and performances, but also by choosing certain brands that boost their appearance. But a luxury handbag boosts also the confidence and changes the social mindset. This kind of item is far from being a basic necessity – it’s an unwritten statement.

This aqua blue Hermès is one of the most expensive tote bags I found online this month. It’s a vintage Clemence Birkin in the oh-so recognizable compact shape. The design is classic but the color is bold. There are at least 25 shades of blue available for the Birkin. What you must know about this iconic bag is that it takes an artisan 48 (working) hours to complete the job – that means a week. The price tag? 32,059 £. See here the details or click the image.


Camel and chocolate brown hues mix in this luxe Burberry bag. Made from alligator skin, the short handle travel item is anything but boring. It has an adjustable shoulder strap, leather padlock and multiple pockets for the best use of space. Price: 28,000 £. Check here.


The third piece in the expensive bags top is the black Saint Laurent Sac de Jour, priced at 22,525 £. This classic icon, which saw the daylight in 2013, is sleek thanks to the structured shape, tubular handles and accordion sides. There are four sizes available at this moment and they are called Nano, Baby, Small and Large. Find the exotic alligator style at Harrods or click the picture below.


Feeling like an investor already?