Black Friday shopping for boots and goods

You don’t need a specific reason to shop for shoes and leather accessories but let’s say an ugly email and … Black Friday are some pretty damn good reasons to check your wishlist!

The most important moments when we shop? Before a trip, after a bad hair day and during Black Friday sales! Now we’re going to take turns and talk about our shopping lists ’cause we couldn’t help to spend some quality time on!


These Epica ankle boots are a bit edgy and that’s why I like them. The studded leather design catches the eye so they’re ready to rock any frayed denim and chunky sweaters look! Furthermore, they are office-appropriate as well, given the silver buckle belt that gives them a masculine touch.

epica boots studded black leather

See here.

Let’s not argue over this black domination! The pair below is stunning and I can immediately imagine myself in Paris, with a freshly opened prosecco bottle on the table and a “Rive-Gauche” allure.

tezyo boots black friday shopping

Shop them at here.


I love heels in theory and comfort in real life so this  the ever present question is What do I wear? Now I have found the boots that combine the best of both worlds. And bring some edge. And some sass. And some adventure. And some more edge. You got it, they have it all! They are from Kat Maconie (she’s British, to add to the qualities of the shoes) and available at Open the link gently, you might have a sudden crush!

Now, if you were actually looking for a piece of everyday boots and still haven’t found them in our crazy shopping list, here they are. Feminine, black, classy, high heeled. Perfect for ANY outfit you might imagine, be it for office or a hot cocktail afterwards. They’re from ALDO, real leather, real hotness over their classy look. Shopping time?

Aaaand some extras! When you get up to 50% discount on your favourite brands you can’t just stick to the already made list. Or at least, I can’t. So I went off script and opened the sports shoes tab and the bags tab and the knee high boots tab and… you get it! I managed to however add to cart only 2 additional items, so here they are.

A pair of comfortable & city-break ready sporty shoes from ALDO. Love how they’re black and versatile, but have that designish look with the graffiti on them. Athleisure on point, darlings! You can shop them here

When black is 80% of your wardrobe you make up for it in accessories. Bags, to be more specific. And I found a dreamy one, that blends colour (somewhat) with animal print (which I love this season). Seems pretty good to wear during the day for an important-yet-stylish business lady look and in spite its colour combo, I think it could be a classic. What would you say?

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