You know we’re not selfish. Whenever we discover a brand or designer that we know will make a difference, we share them with you. Today is all about Atribut – a leather bags brand, headed by a creative mind and a beautiful soul. We fell in love right away with the shapes, the quality and the ingeniosity of the products. The attention to detail is astounding and the themes of the collections are so well carried through, that you’ll definitely have a hard time in picking just one item.

Before we get into the famous designer questionnaire, please notice the beautiful metal spiral detail and the lime green touch of this season. Now, take a wild guess in which item is on my shopping list!

Things you need to know about the brand

  • Atribut is a contemporary design handbag brand born out of pure passion
  • The brand aims to blend innovative design features with functionality, all incorporated into a bag
  • All the design elements are designed and exclusively produced for the Atribut bags
  • The production process is a sustainable one in terms of conscious use of materials, minimising the leather cutting waste and maximising the customer experience

Things about the designer

  • The person behind the brand is Florina Sirman, former financial professional who decided to leave her career and chose another path, after the birth of her daughter
  • She is a self-taught designer, using a non formal creative processes
  • The designer is also making all the bags, herself,  in her studio based in Bucharest
  • She is an idealist, a dreamer, who tries to bring balance between the roles in her life: being a mom, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a friend

Atribut’s signature look or item

The Anima Handbag, an awarded design which was the starting point of our most  recent collection, presented at The Coterie in New York. It has been loved by celebrities and fashionistas alike and extensively featured in the local press.

Proudest moment yet (professionally speaking)

Winning the Best Handbag in Overall Style and Design category at IHDA – NY 2019. This prize did not only validate my work, but emphasised my creativity. Alongside with the prize, the brand received the support to launch on the international market.

The biggest and ageless trend in fashion

 A bag that transcends seasons will always have a well-defined silhouette that’s been carefully designed and crafted.

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