It’s time to divert your thoughts to something extraordinary – a line of exquisite fragrances – Les Eaux. In 2020, a new compelling and colorful chapter unfolds in Les Eaux fresh and vibrant collection, with the introduction of four floral and citrus scents conveying Giorgio Armani’s eclectic influences: THÉ YULONG, GARDÉNIA ANTIGUA, ROSE MILANO and JASMIN KUSAMONO.

We haven’t smelled them yet, obviously, with all this indoors life, but a trip to the Armani store is a must once we’re out and about. Here are their descriptions and let me say, they do sound juicy!

Created by Julie Massé (MANE), THÉ YULONG is the perfect balance between the freshness of green tea and citrus, and the intensity of black tea and smoked woods. The fragrance swirls smoky notes into green facets, backed by an impression of radiant freshness delivered by citrus notes.

A superb celebration of the gardenia flower, GARDÉNIA ANTIGUA is infused with a pure, intense and sophisticated light echoing Giorgio Armani’s haven of peace, Antigua island. The fragrance subtly translates the beauty of the Caribbean island with the delicate sunny and powdery notes of island flowers.

Perfect transcription of the Italian joyful sounds, ROSE MILANO opens with a luminous citrus and floral play, filled with colours. At the heart of this effervescence created by Daphné Bugey and Marie Salamagne (FIRMENICH), the sublime rose signs a timeless and urban chypre accord.

Inspired by the Japanese floral compositions from which it takes its name, and echoing Giorgio Armani’s love for simple Asian aesthetics, JASMIN KUSAMONO is a transparent and airy jasmine scent, that highlights one or several natural elements to elevate them to new heights. Crafted by master perfumer Dominique Ropion (IFF), the luminous fragrance opens on a Nashi pear accord combined with pink pepper essence.