When you hear there’s a new perfume store in town, you rush for the details. We’re talking today about Atelier Cologne, the first fragrance house dedicated entirely to cologne. Two creators are behind the label – Christophe Cervasel & Sylvie Ganter – and share the same dream: to create colognes to be worn as Pure Perfumes.

The brand started in 2009 and is now incorporated into the L’Oreal family, as part of their luxury division. All Atelier Cologne perfumes are manufactured in France and many of them have been awarded internationally.

The brand recently opened their first store in Romania, in Baneasa Shopping City, offering an enticing selection for all fragrance lovers. Not to mention the beautifully crafted bottles and the opportunity to personalise your product – a true gift for the exclusivity amateurs.

Browsing through their racks you’ll want to smell everything and wear everything, depending on the time of day and your mood, so don’t be shy, take your time and let Atelier Cologne take you into their world.

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