Fall in love and it will be for ever!

That’s what Jan-Ewoud Vos, the creator of Puredistance, says about his latest fragrance.

Puredistance Master Perfumes is a very cosmopolitan company: the scents are created in London, Paris & New York, while their main office is located in Holland. The small creative team is lead by Jan Ewoud Vos, creating one of the most exclusive Perfume Houses in the world, that offers only Pure Perfume Extrait.

The house started in 2002 and in 2013 Sander Sinot makes the first prototype for the Puredistance 17.5 ml Perfume Flacon. They now have 7 fragrances available in selected stores all over the world.

A pure perfume is a treat for the most of us, but it will surely become a scented signature, so go big and reward yourself with something special.

Not only is the smell great, but please also appreciate the minimalist, yet colorful packaging and the way it makes me feel. Just listen to this description: Puredistance M is sumptuous, sensuous and complex, but at the same time noble and sophisticated. Created in London by Roja Dove, M is inspired by the (vintage) leather interior of a classic Aston Martin. The warm smoothness of the blend is incomparable. Hello, London!

I’m still looking for the perfect match, so browse alongside, on their website and e-shop here, or take a heavenly trip to your local store.