Bathroom tiles

What a vivid mural can do to a living room, a wall of tiles can do to a bathroom. That means magic. It’s not so simple to execute but the result is clearly impactful.

Tiles are durable, still they are considered now rather decorative than functional. Their history dates back to the Ancient world. The tiny blue pieces were found in Egypt, used earlier than 2000 B.C., in the Assyrian Palace of Saragon and in Persia 500 B.C. The way of transportation influenced the proliferation of tiles around the world but also the wars which brought different artistic influences to the conquered lands. Many of the designs depicted myths or social trends, a beautiful testimony of the past. The first decorative tiles in the United States were named art tiles. This happened in the 19th century when American craftsmen embraced the new product. The tiles, usually bearing classical motifs, were made from clay and glazed with a glossy layer.

It’s interesting how such an old technique of decoration can be so refreshing in modern times. Nowadays, larger pieces are used on the bathroom walls and that’s because they’re easier to handle and glue by workers. No matter the size, the preferred colours are white, green, blue, with teal, turquoise or foam green shades.

Now back to the inspiration, I found 7 amazing decors on Pinterest and I’m happy to share them with you!

Moroccan mosaic-like tiles

Keep the authentic look of the bathroom tiles by choosing copper or vintage-like taps.

bathroom tiles shower blue

Sinking in blue bathroom tiles

Find a matching sink to give more “juiciness” to  the space! A mineral stone or a coral reef can decorate the sides. bathroom style decor JUSTINA BLAKENEY foto

Always in an underwater world with this fish scale design! The calming blue is a wise choice regardless of style. Combine it with navy inspired towels and curtain. bathroom style decor blue-white

‘Teal forever

The best way of showing a colourful tile wall is by mixing it with transparent surfaces. A see-through shower is both retro-chic and space lengthening. bathroom style tiles

Geometry and florals – a timeless duo that is more than eye-catching. Again transparencies and reflections thanks to the demi-walls and mirror-effect hot tub.Bathroom tiles that colour up the decor

Classy bathroom tiles

Go for a black and white chromatic if your home is more classical. The wooden cabinets and framed mirrors will make a great contrast against the artistic tiles.  bathroom tiles interior

Bathroom tiles can also have a fluid shape. This matte ceramic makes an elegant backdrop in a cosy apartment! bathroom tiles sink

See below a few online resources for tiles:

EliteTile here / Plumage here / Mosaic Sheets here

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