I have this thing with pineapples!

And flamingos too, but that’s for a different story! Now, not only do I like to eat them (pineapples, not flamingos), but I also love wearing & seeing them.

They are so versatile this season, you’ll see them everywhere! Bathing suits, pins, jewelry, hat and even big prints on skirts or dresses. They also come in combination with other exotic fruit, but I find them especially cute. I would wear a pineapple white shirt and mom jeans or some silk shorts & a black&sparkly pineapples body. But that’s just my imagine, don’t know if the pieces even exist. There are, however, some things you can buy (NOW)! Exhibits below!

And if you didn’t have enough, you can also bring them in as house decor. Wouldn’t recommend a fresh one, but you can find lots of plastic, ceramic, even wooden versions! I want to invite you for a tour of my imaginary exotic house: a pineapple doorknob welcomes you on to a hallway with cool exotic art, leading into the living room with a yellow/green carpet and some accent pillows. You get the idea!

And if you’re in the mood for some fresh, sweet & sour all-in-one aka the pineapple, here are some things I would shop instantly! Use it, don’t abuse it, it can get addictive!

  1. Pineapple Hat, here
  2. D&G Swimsuit, here
  3. Light, here
  4. Chaser T-shirt, here
  5. Banana Republic earings, here
  6. ASOS Dress, here

Photos come from: Isabelle McAllister, Chinakpris Nappybel’, Who What Wear, ThePinkDream, francesca’s®, Mary Baldwin, Etsy