If it’s hot and sunny, you need to update your jewelry game. We all know shells & pearls are all the rage this season, but what about wearing something a little out of the box. Not your usual anklet or choker, but something with some personality of its own. This is where Alexandra comes in with her new, bohemian jewelry line.

Cross my heart and hope to purchase some more items soon, you’ll find exactly the pieces you need for summer. Mix and match, layer up or wear as a single, statement piece, I can assure you, you’ll never get bored of your looks. And you’ll get lots and lots of compliments on them. I’ve experienced that.

So, must haves of the season list looks like this:

Fleamarket necklace | Amazonite ring | Freedom Anklet

Get into the dreamy state of mind by browsing the gallery below. You already know what I’m shopping for, so let’s compare notes, shall we?