The coolest brow products on the market right now.

Today I am writing about Anastasia Beverly Hills. Besides the fact that Anastasia Soare is a pioneer in brow shaping, I honestly think her pomades and pencils are the best.

First of all, what I love about Anastasia is that she adapts her brow products to everyone and creates it in many different shades and type of use to please all of us.

DipBrow pomade


dipbrow pomade abh

Dipbrow has a creamy texture which is easy to apply and doesn’t smudge. Therefore, I suggest you to use a dual-sided brow brush with synthetic bristles on one end, and a spoolie brush for grooming and blending on the other. It will give a very full finish.

Brow Wiz

Brow Wiz abh

Brow Wiz’ ultra-fine, retractable tip is perfect for spot-filling in areas where brow hair is sparse. It gives texture to irregular eyebrows and gives a nice shape to the brow very easily.

Therefore, I think it’s best to groom your eyebrows downwards to start filling the eyebrow with the brush head by doing fine, hair-like strokes. Then, just brush the eyebrow for a slight finish. To conclude, the Brow Wiz is quite similar to the Brow Definer actually, except for the tip shape of the Brow Definer which is triangular and thicker. To me, the Brow Wiz is more precise and can be used in addition to the DipBrow pomade.

DipBrow gel – the newest in brow products category 

DIPBROW® Gel abh

It’s a super-pigmented brow gel with a texture in between a gel and a pomade. It is a waterproof formula so it keeps your eyebrows flawless all day long. I swear, it works.

Honestly, a few swipes deliver brows that look naturally fluffy. Super easy to apply, skinny brush that coats every brow hair. Most importantly, brows stay in place.

How to use? Just use it by doing light and hair-like strokes from the arch toward the tail of the eyebrow. Voilà! 


Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any product suggestions!