Keep your eyeshadow looking perfect all day!

Now, that we get closer and closer to ‘the most wonderful time of the year’, every lady should know some Tips & Tricks about keeping that eye shadow in place all day/night long. Just like priming your face before applying foundation, priming your eyes is a very important step that you don’t want to skip when you have a long day, or night, ahead. Creating a base on the eyes it’s not only important for the longevity of your look, but also because it smoothes the skin and it makes every product applied on top look more even.

In order to choose your ideal Eye Primer, you have to take in consideration your skin needs and the look you want to achieve. I will present to you my top three primers and the purpose of each one.

#1 URBAN DECAY Primer Potion – this primer comes in four options: a clear one (Original), satin rose-gold (Minor Sin), color correcting (Eden) & anti-aging benefits (Anti-aging). This is a great, pretty light on the skin primer, I love every option, especially Eden for matte eye shadow looks & Minor Sin for foiled, metallic accents. Find them here.


#2 BENEFITAir Patrol BB Cream – this one is great for simple, day to day use, it’s extremly light on the skin and it evens out the skin very well. Details  here.


#3 ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Waterproof  Crème Color – use these ones when you want a fierce, intense look, they won’t dissapoint you! I remove these ones only with biphasic make-up remover because, as the name tells, these are waterproof. They have intense pigments, you can even use them on their own, or as a base for other eyeshadows. Details   here.


Tips & Tricks

Even if I use the primers on my clients, truth is that I don’t always have the time to apply my primer, on a day-to-day look, so one thing that I always do is priming my eyes with concealer. Be very careful not to apply too much, you only need the lightest layer, because otherwise it will crease. Also, you can use any creamy waterproof pencil as an eye primer, blending the edges very well.

Enjoy your long-lasting, cool looks!


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