Make-up lovers alert: DESI X KATY is here!

Lately, a lot of Beauty Vloggers created make-up products or new shades of already existing products in collaboration with beauty brands, but this one definitely caught my attention! When not only one, but two of the most loved beauty vloggers on Youtube come out with such a HOT Collection, you do want to know a little bit more about it!

Desi  and Katy just released their collaboration with Dose Of Colors and people went crazy, everything is already sold out on, but don’t worry, they told that everything will be restocked in September. Now that we got that clear, let’s see the collection!

This collection has 8 amazing items including 5 lip products, 2 highlighters and an eyeshadow palette.


#1 LipGloss ‘Over The Top’ – Super shiny Clear Gloss with Gold Reflects.

#2 Lipstick ‘More Creamer Please’ – Satin finish, nude with warm brown/peach undertone.

*with ‘Over The Top’ Gloss on top (in the second picture)

#3 Lipstick ‘No Shade’ – Satin finish, light peachy nude.

*with ‘Over The Top’ Gloss on top (in the second picture)

#4 Liquid Lipstick ‘SAVÁGE’ – Matte finish, rich Black-Burgundy.

#5 Liquid Lipstick ‘HOT FIRE’ – Matte finish, bright Orange Red.

Really now, look how HOT this Lipstick looks…


#1 Highlighter ‘FUEGO’ – Light Golden illuminator with a strong glow.

#2 Highlighter ‘MÍRAME’ – Deeper Rose Gold illuminator with a strong glow.


‘THE GIRLS’ – 4 eyeshadows, 2 with a dry formula (TURBOSAN & NOLI) and 2 with wet formula (SUZ & HARPOON), best applied with fingers (deep your finger in a little bit of water for the ones with wet formula), metallic/glitter finish.

Now, the hard part, which are your top favourite items?!

I couldn’t decide mine yet. You can find all the DESI X KATY products soon, here.

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Xoxo, Claudia!

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