I believe there’s no doubt by now – I’m a fan of layering, be it for clothes or jewellery. When it comes to the latter, I work with timely fixations – for now, dealing in minimal gold pieces, mixed and matched just as I please every single day. I’ve amounted to a generous collection by now, but I’m sure not going to stop anytime soon. So, ’cause I’m such a generous soul, here are 5 brands and designers which will always have my attention.

(The mentions are alphabetical, this article is a dreamy moodboard and please keep in mind that you can wear jewellery anytime, anywhere – that means inside the house, as well!). Click on the names and go to their websites, add to cart and don’t hold a grudge when you’ll spend more than you intended. They’re just that good!

1. Alexandra Caspruf Jewelry

2. Andresco

3. Bon Bijou

4. Manissi

5. Obsidian