Non shiny clothes for shining women

I’ve wanted to do this series for a very long time now and I am so very happy that we’re starting it with a very cool Romanian designer. We’ll be talking about Undress aka Mădălina and her love for minimalism, tea, butter and (unexpected) dislike for glitter.

If you’ll want to know all the basic info about Undress you can visit their website or Facebook page or browse through their multiple interviews over the years. But here are 5 facts about the brand that aren’t available for just everyone. We got the inside scoop just for you, guys, so here it goes, in their own words:

  • We believe in crafting timeless, understated clothing that fit neatly into our busy lives
  • We strip off all the fluff and keep only the core essence of an idea
  • In our pursuit of simplicity, we found clarity in the basics
  • Undress will always be about minimalism. Cause il leaves room for personality.
  • Non shiny clothes for shining women. That’s what we do

The mastermind behind Undress in Mădălina, one of the calmest, nicest persons I’ve met in the last years. She is involved in all stages of design & production and juggles with responsibilities like a boss lady. In spite of this serious description I made, here is what she wanted you to remember about her:

  • I could live my whole life just with tea, butter & jam.
  • I’m the most disoriented person in the world, I get lost on every-day routes.
  • I hate glitter
  • I never wear jewelry or heels
  • I don’t take myself too seriously, I’m aware that I make clothes, not space ships

I hope you are already browsing her online shop while reading this piece, but if you need one more reason to add an Undress piece to your wardrobe, it is called Sisterhood.  The brand’s SS17 collection revolves around the close relation and the solidarity of women. As Mădălina says: “It starts from the time we are little girls passing notes in school, or asking that girl sitting in the second row next to us if she will be our best friend. To be a sister is to be a friend. It is to give a smile & lend a hand. A sister is for sharing laughter and wiping tears. Sisterhood knows no boundary, no race, no class or geography. Sisterhood transcends and it transforms us for the better. Sisterhood is from the heart.”

I’ll leave you to a sample of Sisterhood pieces that I think are great for summer days on the Riviera, sipping cocktail on the boardwalk. Or long days at the office dreaming of the previous situation. Your call.

Be sure to keep up to date with their Facebook page here and remember: Undress wants you naked!