“How much should I spend on high end make-up?”… or better “How can I stop spending so much?!”

Make-up comes in all shapes, color and prices. And even though I try to stay in a budget, some products sweep my mind. In other cases, I can’t believe how great some really affordable products are. Here is a list where I compare affordable and high end make-up products.



  1. Primer

Affordable: Effaclar Duo by La Roche Posay ~30 eur

Skincare is really important, and this cream is more than just a primer – it is a corrective, anti-imperfections and marks product that smoothens the face and makes it ready for the foundation. I’m not saying this is a cheap option, but it is definitely more affordable than a lot of good primers.

High end: Elixir de Perle By Terry ~178 eur

For this price, you get a lot of high quality products. It airbrushes the face hiding the pores, it hydrates and smoothens the skin and makes it feel fresh. The special ingredients are the water pearls, along with the vitamins, which give the skin a natural, soft glow.





2. Foundation

Affordable: Douglas 12H Foundation ~15 eur

What I like about this one is that it has a very easy to work with texture that can be applied nicely with a beauty blender. It does make your skin look flawless because it has full coverage – and does not feel heavy on the skin. However, if you have an oily skin type, you will have to come back with some setting powder during the day to avoid a cake-y effect.

High end: Le Teint Particulier by Lancome ~72 eur

The struggle of finding the perfect match with your skin is about to be over! This is not just any foundation, it is custom made in specific locations (just in USA for now), where your skin is scanned and then the product is made on the spot with a unique technology that creates the foundation according to the scan. It makes it possible to adjust not only the color, but also the coverage and moisture. It is oil, fragrance and paraben free, so it is suitable for any skin type! I can’t wait for it to become available in Europe as well!



3. Powder

Affordable: Poudre Libre Universelle by Bourjois ~11 eur

Soft and lightweight, that’s the perfect way to describe it. It has that mattifying effect you want from a loose powder and it feels like it’s not even there! It is a delicate setting powder perfect for spring/summer.

High end Make-up: Luminous Silk Powder by Giorgio Armani ~56 eur

Even though it is a setting powder, it has a radiant finish. It glides on magically and the formula is not heavy at all! It will make your final look flawless! In short, it is worth the money, and that is why it stole a lot of hearts and won a lot of awards.







4. Blush

Affordable: Sephora Collection Colorful Face Powders ~12 eur

The best advantage of this collection is that it gives you the possibility to play with colors and finish effects – from matte to glowy, just go for it. The formula is nicely blendable and it is suited for any skin tone.

High End Make-up: Sheer Cheek Duo by Tom Ford ~70 eur

The name “Paradise Lust” says it all. The duo palette comes with a soft pink and a more intense rosy blush, perfect for any occasion and bronzed skin ready! You can apply them together or separately, the cheeks will be happy anyway!





5. Highlighter

Affordable: Solstice Palette by Sleek ~12 eur

I am in love with this versatile palette; it comes with 3 powder pans and a creamy one. The metallic pigment will make you glow instantly and you can use it as a body highlighter, lip or eye shadow topper.

High End Make-up: Rose Blush by Lancome ~54 eur

Blush? Highlighter? It can be both! But first, let’s talk about the amazing packaging it comes in! You literally take the product from the petals of a rose, how cute and innovative is that?! However, don’t expect it to be intense, it is for the most delicate of us. It compensates on luminosity though!



lip gloss



6. Lip affair 

Affordable: Ultra Shine Lip gel by Sephora ~10 eur

Cute and hydrating, it makes the lips look fuller and really shiny. Although it does what it says, it tends to be a little bit sticky.

High end: Loubilaque Lip Lacquers by Christian Louboutin ~77 eur

If you are feeling ready to dash the audience, this bold gloss is for you – regarding both color range and packaging. It is a really interesting shape for a lip gloss with a lot of details on it, so you also pay for originality. Now, regarding the formula, it is not sticky at all and it has a wet glass finish effect. The pearl of the collection is, for me, the Rouge Louboutin one, which has the same color as the famous red sole. It also seems to have the strongest pigment. However, too much fragrance.

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