Since we have a bit more time to treat our skin and learn about products, from people we follow or magazines, here is a full beauty regimen that makes me feel fantastic.

No matter what new product I order, I use alcohol to disinfect the packaging. Here is one that caught my eye ’cause it has also natural oils of cinnamon, eucalyptus and myrrh. Find here the Florascent Parfumeurs product.

9 AM – great base and basics

I have a (semi) sensitive skin, normal to dry, so I can exfoliate it maximum 2 times a week. I use a natural scrub made at home from coffee and almond oil. This product called Delicious Natural Face Scrub from Sabio has oats and white clay so you can give it a try.

After that, I give it a cleanse with a toner. Calming and regenerating, the soft floral formula from Madara is a must. After that, it’s time for a refreshing eye cream – I prefer those that have hyaluronic acid. Depending on my mood I apply a lightweight serum and I gently start to massage my skin upwards.

Last but not least, a nourishing day cream is mandatory. Pulpe de Vie has an interesting proposition: hyaluronic acid base with a kiwi and peach extract, plus a mineral UV filter. What do you say?

1 PM – active beauty regimen

I do 20 to 40 minutes of intense workout 4-5 days/week, so immediately after finishing I take a shower and wash my face. For my skin treat I like everything honey. From gel to body butter. This ingredient has lots of antioxidants and nourishing properties.

For a quick refresh, I spray a floral water mixed with lavender oil, allover my face and neck. It also calms my mind and gets me prepared for the second part of the day.

5 PM – logical moves

Don’t imagine my work is done. In this specific period of time, I have less emails and meetings (virtual, ofc), so I don’t shut down my laptop at 10 PM. So, I try to finish everything by 8. In between calls and planning, I always have a hand cream and a lip balm by my side. There are so many great products out there. Find my favorites below.

I like the Plum Plum lip formula from Madara: it has Shea butter, Jojoba oil and vitamin E. Susanne Kaufmanns hand cream contains active ingredients that prevent dehydration but no colorants, therefore lots of reasons to try it out. All available on

9 PM – glorious preparation

After a long day, I clean my skin with a gel then apply an eye mask (3 times a week maybe) or a simple cream. If I have makeup on, of course I use micellar water and toner first. Not so much the case recently! 🙂 Last but not least, I massage my night cream onto the face, neck and chest – it could be a soft anti-wrinkle product for collagen boosting or a natural anti-stress cream.

Bisous, bonne nuit!

Tell me about your beauty regimen, what products do you use generally, what worked for you!