Romanian brand Gerocossen just launched a special edition of skincare made from Manuka bio honey. With a range of 10 products, this line is as nourishing as you can get this autumn!

Let’s list just a few benefits this special ingredient has for any skin type:

  • it is antiseptic with antimicrobial properties
  • it can regulate your skin’s pH levels keeping dry skin moisturized
  • honey can heal acne and reduce redness due to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • thanks to vitamins and antioxidants, Manuka honey is your ally for a wrinkle-free face, fighting skin cell damage

Some call it a superfood for skin and we truly believe so! It has been used from the beginning of times for wound heeling. This honey is extracted by bees from the Manuka flowers in New Zealand.

Gerocossen has micellar water, anti-wrinkle face cream, mattifying cream for oily skin, body butter and hand cream available on their online store and in supermarkets. Here are our must haves!

Manuka Bio cleansing milk

Made of THE golden superfood and micellar cells, this makeup remover milk is great if you want to cleanse face and lip products without “erasing” the natural oils your skin has.

Tip: use different cotton pads for eye and lipstick makeup if you want a super fresh skin before going to sleep.

Manuka Bio anti-wrinkle face cream (available for many age segments)

This formula is so rich for your skin, stimulating collagen because of the 46 antioxidants it boosts. Plus, Avocado Oil and Shea butter were added to hydrate and offer a dewy look regardless of your age.

Manuka Bio body butter

Manuka honey and almond oil make a great duo in this body butter. Don’t think it’s greasy! It is easily absorbed into the skin for a soft and smooth feel. Moreover, just imagine the precious scent!


Gerocossen is well-known for its natural products that help skin fight aging sand dehydration, so this new range is a must-try for anyone who wants to have a healthy beauty routine. May I remind you that these are never tested on animals? Go check them out!