We want to know who loves masks as much as we do. And who’s as excited when they find out about a new brand to try out? By show of hands only, please! Let me tell you what we’re getting hyped about right now. A British (sigh) brand called Iroha Nature, bringing all sorts of goodies for your skin.

Sheet masks are my personal favourites, so I’ll be adding one of each to cart – charcoal, gold, hemp, smoothing, firming, oh my god so many options. Eye patches come second because my eyes get tired from all this interneting around. The Hydrogel patches help your eye area become more moist, fresh and young – the dream!

Now, if you’re taking pampering to the next level, please be introduced to the hands and feet masks, they all sound delish and super relaxing. I’ll be sure to give them a try, after I’ve had my full with the face goodies! 

Last, but surely not least, they use all natural ingredients, no nasty anything, no animal testing, all respectful of the environment. Now, if you’d like to add, add, add something to cart, you can use these two links: www.douglas.ro & www.bewellstore.ro. Please make sure you report back on your favourite products, it’s only fair!