Ready for a full-colour season? Have an overview of the Spring Collection 2017 Colour Gradation!

Dior invites us all to take a break from the nudes and start playing with some colour! This is an unexpected type of beauty collection taking in consideration that nude make-up is all the rage right now. I think now we have the perfect oportunity to play with colour gradation, especially in the spring and summer.

dior 4

This collection contains a bunch of products, from eyeshadows to nail polish. There is a great variety of options so even if you don’t feel like wearing a full on colourful eye make-up, you can still add that pop of colour with a violet mascara or a fuchsia lipstick or nail polish.

Let’s see the collection!

4 COLOURS EYESHADOW PALETTE – COUTURE NUANCE – starting off with the product that would probably catch the most eyes, Dior has two eyeshadow palettes: a warm peachy toned one and a cold one with blue and green tones.

dior eyeshadow 2

PROFESSIONAL EYE SHADOW SPECTACULAR EFFECTS & LONG WEAR – they also came out with two individual eyeshadows, a lime-green and a deep teal shade.

dior col 11

BEVEL-TIP EYELINER, LONG-LASTING SPECTACULAR LINE – for contoured eyes that can’t be unnoticed – one shade.

dior col 3

SPECTACULAR VOLUME AND CURL PROFESSIONAL MASCARA – soft, but spectacular, as the name suggests – one shade.

dior col 4

LIP SHADOW DUO POWDERY – MATTE FINISH – this looks like fun! Easy to create ombre – colourful lips with this double ended lipsticks – 3 shades.

Dior (1)

DIORSKIN NUDE AIR BLURRING POWDER SOFT GLOW – I have a feeling that this is going to be one of my favourite products of this collection, I’m still completely in love with lasts year Diorskin Nude Air Illuminator – 2 shades.

DIORBLUSH VIBRANT COLOUR – POWDER BLUSH – amazing shades for that fresh, youthful spring cheeks – 2 shades.

Dior (3)

DIOR VERNIS COUTURE COLOUR, GEL SHINE, LONG WEAR NAIL LACQUER – for those who prefer to wear that pop of colour on their nails – 4 shades.

dior col 7

DIOR ADDICT HYDRA-GEL CORE MIRROR SHINE – glossy lipsticks for fun looks – 5 shades.

dior col 9

ROUGE BRILLANT LIPSHINE AND CARE, COUTURE COLOUR – if the lipsticks weren’t glossy enough – 3 shades.

dior col 10

LIP SUGAR SCRUB SELF-VANISHING SWEET EXFOLIATING LIP BALM – COLOR AWAKENING – Dior definitely knows how important is to exfoliate the lips for a youthful apprearance.

dior col 6 sugar scrub

DIOR ADDICT LIP GLOW COLOR AWAKENING LIPBALM – last but not least, perfect for ‘on the go’ lipbalm – one shade.

dior col 8

You can also take a look at the make-up tutorial made by Peter Philips Make-up Artist on Bella Hadid.

See more details about all the products mentioned above here.

dior 5

I hope that this collection would inspire you to add a pop of colour into your beauty routine this spring and summer!

I can’t wait to play with these & create some colourful looks. I will keep you updated on my make-up page, here.