Rest assured, Papaya is here for you!

Kid you not, Dr. Paw Paw got its name from the main ingredient – Papaya! It’s one of the most beloved brands in the UK and it’s expanding globally! Started in 2013 by a dynamic duo, Dr Paw Paw now sells more than 1.7 million products every year. Lots of happy lips, I’d say!

Papaya, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera are the main ingredients of the products in the range, which includes different types of balms. They can be used for different parts of your body, from lips to skin, eyebrows or even elbows and heels. You’ll also find a scrub, a hair and body wash & conditioner and a miracle products for your hair. All in all, a pretty juicy range for your beauty kit.

Now, before you start choosing colours for your lip balm, know these two more things: Dr. Paw Paw has won almost every award there is in the UK and it is amongst celebrities’ best kept beauty secrets. If it’s good for Emma Watson, we’ll be sure to give it a try!

Oh, and it’s highly photogenic!

All pictures from Dr. Paw Paw official Instagram page.