The lack of correct and constant hydration leads to the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and decreases the elasticity of the skin. Oligosaccharides and amino acids of marine origin, low molecular weight hyaluronic acid and ceramides (essential lipid molecules) make a major contribution to increasing and maintaining the optimal water level in the tissue. Dr. Grandel has created skin care hydrating formulas for the face, neck and décolleté with an instant “plumping” and smoothing effect.

The Hydro Active range, with its three star products – Hyaluron Filler Caps, Hyaluron Refill Cream and Eye Contour Gel – acts to restore skin firmness, by remineralizing and restoring the structure of the dermis, which helps preserve the hydration effect. Moreover, thanks to the fresh texture, face creams can be used by both women and men.

In addition to these powerful concentrations, beneficial ingredients such as Shea butter, Squalane obtained from plants, Babassu oil and a complex of algae and sea water are meant to balance the skin. A study published by NielsenIQ shows that the use of natural ingredients and respect for the environment are the main criteria for consumers when choosing a skin care product.

In the 76 years of presence on the market, Dr. Grandel has created numerous ranges with active ingredients inspired by nature. These include Vitamin Infusion, Beautygen, Timeless, Hydro Active and Pro Collagen.

The products are distributed internationally, in over 50 countries, Dr. Grandel remaining a family business with factories in Germany: a nucleus that constantly generates new research and innovation ideas. Quality starts from the formula development stage, continuing with raw material selection, production and natural resources conservation measures.

All ranges can be purchased from cosmetic salons, online, from specialized partners such as Douglas, as well as in all large pharmacy chains, the most important of which are Farmacia Tei, Bebe Tei, Dr.Max and others.

What are your favorite hydrating formulas?