November seems like a good month to do something new for yourself: book a trip, order that expensive pair of shoes or enrich your beauty regimen with some new additions. While flights to Venice might be out of our reach, we’re here to recommend three new products that will bring you joy (& hydration). They are all as natural as it gest, for your pleasure and the earth’s good health.

#MATCA – Midnight Honey (the perfume)

MATCA perfumes are the modern expression of an ancient craft. In their workshop in Sibiu, the artisans bring together precious oils, resins, extracts and absolutes. Their desire is to create bold essences with a clean label, made only with ingredients derived from nature.

Midnight Honey is their newest addition: gourmet notes of honey and vanilla mix with notes of leather and slightly smoky wood, while rare flowers – mimosa, frangipani and jasmine – resurface in a perfectly balanced accord. Midnight Honey embodies sophistication, sensuality and brings a note of mystery. Top notes: bitter orange, red mandarin. Middle notes: mimosa, jasmine, orange blossom, honeysuckle,
frangipani. Base notes: vanilla, blackcurrant, labdanum, leather, myrtle, benzoin, beeswax.

#RAMPAL LATOUR – Organic Hand cream

Zero waste, in solid stick form, these are ideal for everyday hand care. With 100% natural ingredients,
organic certified organic, they are available with a sweet almond scent or unscented. Perfect for every handbag and foe every skin type, as they are 100% organic, based on organic olive oil from Provence and organic sesame oils, castor oil and organic shea butter.

#SUSANNE KAUFMANN – Home fragrance

Your home is your extension, so it’s only natural you bring it the best fragrances available. Inspired by the custom of Hotel Post (owned by Susanne Kaufmann in Bezau, Austria) to welcome its guests iwith incense aromas, a very old tradition of the region Bregenzerwald, this indoor air freshener encapsulates the essence of the spa atmosphere. A mix of essential notes, including ylang-ylang and patchouli, have relaxing effects on the body and mind, while the incense notes invigorate the spirit of the house.

All brands and many more are available at the Mio Bio store. Check out their website or pay them a sensorial visit at their location in Bucharest.