How to get that Home SPA treatment in 5 steps

At least once a month you deserve a pampering day or a couple of hours for yourself. If you don’t want or like to go at a real SPA then set the atmosphere and treat your body right. To get in the mood – chill music, your phone on silent and some scented candles will help. No home SPA is complete without the perfect products for a luxe experience! See step by step how you can relax and get more toned.

urban outfitters bath

Step 1: Bathing

Take your time and prepare a bubble bath. If you usually don’t have time for that, now you can allow your body to warm up. Start with a gentle shower product like this Babor milk to foam one with an extract of Champagne pear stem cells. After 30 minutes you are ready for a face steaming session. In a hot water pot put 3 drops of essential oil and let your skin open its pores!

babor shower milk

Step 2: Scrub & exfoliation, essential for your home SPA

Get rid of the dead cells and bring out that natural glow by using specific face and body scrubs. You can apply this Moroccanoil Body Buff, a revitalizing body scrub made with exfoliating sand, apricot and olive seed powders. Its sesame oils, and a blend of shea and cocoa butters, will help nourish the skin after exfoliation. Use a scrub glove for better results especially if you haven’t done this in a while!

body buff moroccanoilA gommage product based on seaweed is recommended for all skin types. This ingredient is anti-inflammatory therefore paramount after eliminating dead skin cells! Apply in a thin layer to cleansed face & neck and exfoliate in circular movements. I recommend this professional Academie phyto-gommage to prep your face for better days.

Gomaj Academie Visage Phyto Gommage exfoliant alge marineStep 3: Mask + toning

Clean the scrub off your skin with warm water. A white clean towel is great for the face as it helps eliminate all extra particles. Now it’s time to apply a fab mask. I chose the same foamy texture. It’s lightweight and offers a refreshed look to your skin. Don’t forget about that music and let the lavender or tangerine essential oils in a diffuser relax you.
Sculpt and tone your legs and arms skin before the next step! Guinot has some excellent lotions for this purpose. Used in many beauty salons, the Sculpt Expert body cream can show visible results in time. Sip a chamomile tea while your skin absorbs these royal ingredients!

Step 4: Massage

Clean-up the face mask and do something good for your blood circulation. Use circular moves in the cheek area. Place your index and middle fingers under the  cheekbones and lift. Do an anti-wrinkle massage from the in-between of the brows to the hair line with your fingers held tight. These moves stimulate collagen – repeat them for 1-2 minutes.  You can use a light oil for this procedure or the cream recommended for the next step as well.

Now when massaging your legs, abs and hands, go for Babor SPA. With sweet almond oil and macadamia nut oil, this Massage & Bath Oil is a dream! Finish your tea and let’s get to the final moment of the home SPA program 🙂

Step 5: Hydration

Wrap up this day with a nourishing formula! Compliment the face gommage from Academie with a Crème Riche from the same brand. It has 31% original apple water, plus beet extract, aloe vera and macadamia oil.

As for the body, Guinot NutriLogic with Omega 3 and 6 is a long term source for restoring skin comfort. For a smoother effect, particularly if you have a dry skin, the body lotions which replenish lipids are a great idea.

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