Greek skincare brand APIVITA launched four Christmas packages for you and they are ah-mazing! 

One of our favorites is the Detox & Radiance set: Face Mask & Scrub + FREE Express Face Masks with Bilberry, Pumpkin and Gingko Biloba. The Radiance Face Mask with Pomegranate offers radiance because this fruit is deeply detoxing for skin – inside&out. It has a similar effect if you eat pomegranate constantly! A highlight in this pack too is the Dark Circles Eye Mask with Ginkgo.
You must know that Ginkgo biloba is one of oldest plants on Earth. It is considered a ‘living fossil’— because it survived major extinction eras. Ginkgo is rich in antioxidants which means it fights against signs of fatigue and reduces skin inflammation. 

Have to tell you more about Princess Jasmine as well! This set from APIVITA includes Shower Gel & Moisturizing Body Milk, plus a free Moisturizing Hand Cream. It’s 99% made of natural ingredients such as essential oils of jasmine and propolis. Jasmine is antiseptic, but also aphrodisiac. Share this set with someone who needs a little love! 🙂

APIVITA follows the holistic Hippocratic approach towards health and well-being, in order to enhance nature’s effectiveness. It was launched in 1979 by founders Nikos and Niki Koutsiana. The two young pharmacists were inspired by the honeybee society and the biodiversity of Greece.

Find these products in the brand’s store (Baneasa Shopping City) and at SENSIBLU. Prices starting from 119 lei.