Make your list & check it twice. You’re gonna load on organic goodness.

And that’s because we have a great brand to talk to/about today. They’re called Mio Bio (so catchy!) and they’re a true story of passion turned into business. 9 years ago you had your regular corporate people in search for something creative. Almost a decade after, you have a blooming business in the eco/bio field, with a brick&mortar store and an attractive online shop. As I said, make your list, you’ll definitely want something!

They personally curate every product they bring into the shop and now have more than 40 brands from all around the world. You’re wondering about the top sellers? So did we and here they are – Susanne Kaufmann (professional organic cosmetics from the Austrian Alps),  Madara (northern cosmetics brand), Rampal Latour (artisanal soap makers since 1828) and the absolute classic – Weleda, a brand I’m sure you already know about.

Just a quick note before the section I know you want to jump to – Do you know how trends emerge in this sector? Producers pay super close attentive to what the market dictates, what ingredients are in demand or out of style (such as gluten) and pair this with their research for the most efficient products. An important chapter is also dedicated to boxes, bottles and so on, as they all need to be biodegradable or as friendly with the environment as possible.

And now, lovely lovers of bio products, here are the 5 things you need to know about Mio Bio:

  • they personally test all products brought into the store
  • they also distribute the products for other bio stores, creating a true network of healthy & friendly cosmetics and beauty suppliers
  • their store has been located in the same place for the past 9 years and plan on keeping it as long as possible
  • they have exclusivity on several high-demand brands, such as Susanne Kaufmann – organic treats, Treat Collection, Less is More – organic haircare or Florascent Parfumeurs
  • they also carry lines created by NGOs, selling their products for the good of the charities they support – clean inside-out, right?

All in all a cool brand to follow and an inspiring selection for your beauty case, so do pay them a visit, be it online or offline, whatever tickles your organic nose best!