If you love to discover and unpack boxes and bags and more boxes even for little, insignificant things, read on. If you love jewellery, definitely read on. And if you’re passionate about getting something useful done, by hand, stand by. Nonetheless, if you tick all of the above boxes, please know, we’ve found your ideal Christmas gift.

The lovely creator of Bon Bijou┬áhas imagined something really magical for the season. An elegant box in which you’ll find parts for a jewel. The set is complete with instructions and it really triggers your imagination (we attended a jewellery making class with Raluca and I KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT). Ok, curving the enthusiasm now, to give you and objective summary.

The creative box has 9 slots – 6 feature elements for the jewellery, while the other 3 contain SURPRISES!! (unable to keep my heart from beating faster right about now). The idea behind the Creative Box is to convey the experience while giving everyone the opportunity to express and flaunt their personality.

It’s a great gift, guys, and if you have that one friend who’s always hard to gift for, give the Creative Box a chance. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!