The full knit trend might have yet to reach every fashionista on the planet so you’d better get going. I’m talking about fine knits worn in a set, be them the same colour and fabric or a gentle mix and match. The available varities range from grey and camel to black, with lots of lovely hues available for play.

If you’re wondering where to get them, well they’re not yet available everywhere, so it might be your chance to bring something new to the equation. Wear a full set, as advertised by brands, or make your own combinations. Just make sure the structure of the two knits is similar and the colour coordinate nicely. Once you invest in such a duo, you’ll be able to also wear the pieces with other garments such as denim shirts or flowy skirts. Win-Win-Win!
So, back to where to find them – the usual Zara – Asos – Mango combination is still unbeatable, but you’ll have to hunt down the good and rare pieces. Now, the secret player is Oysho which sports some awesome knits, while if you’re going for the pricier option, pay a visit to the Italian brand Falconeri.

If you’re wondering what’s the big fuss or how to best style this trend, here you have the Pinterst inspiration. See you later guts, I’m off shopping!