We know, we know, you’re still sale shopping, but it’s not a bad thing to plan ahead.

So here are the 3 not-to-be-missed trends at Zara for the season to come.

  1. Satin, lovely satin. Wear it day and night (it’s appropriate) in shirts, skirts, trousers or even shoes. We love this floral kimono top in Zara’s new collection.

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2. Chockers. Not getting old this season either and you probably have quite a collection already, but there can never be too many accessories in one wardrobe. We like this hip set at Zara.

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3. Funny denim. Your denim collection needs some Looney Tunes updates. Are you a Bugs Bunny fan?

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These items are not only cool, but very well priced, so what do you say?