It’s an endless collection of designer sneakers you need to own. 

It’s the third time Alexander Wand and Adidas work together for a special line. If we’re judging by the outcome of the previous two, these items will fly off the racks in no time.

So, a little bit of history. Wang was a long time fan of Adidas and their shoes as he wore them in college as a means of self expression. Then, he had the opportunity to work with the brand and he jumped at it. The first collection was sold in the most hipsterish way possible, out of a vans in NY, thus creating anticipation and hype. The shoes are still being sold on e-bay if you crave a very expensive pair of sneakers.

So, to cut the story short, for this collection he reinterpreted the basketball boot making it more city appropriate and less chunky. The line also includes hoodies, T-shirts and pants, for both boys and girls. I am sure the streets will be filled with this high-end gym wear in no time.

The new collection will be available starting April 1st in more than 140 locations (both Adidas & Wang stores) and online.