No, not the generic ones you take out running, but the crazy cool ones you want to wear all day. Or I would, at least!

Now, let’s make one thing clear: I am not at all a fan of activewear, of going out for brunch in your gym clothes or of wearing your Pilates shoes with your day dress. NO! But these sweatshirts were so totally reinvented that they are not only comfortable, butĀ uber chic pieces. They have ruffles, silk inserts, cut outs, open backs, embroidery – you name it! And they work with everything – precious dresses, school girl skirts, leather shorts, mom jeans – I don’t think there’s a look I wouldn’t like. While documenting for this article I discovered a sweatshirt with a very stiff black blazer and jeans – definitely bookmarked that for spring.

Now a little bit of (personal) history. My love for reinvented sweatshirts started with Ioana Ciolacu and her great, sustainable designs. I need to have at least one piece each collection and since my appetite has been opened, some ASOS pieces look delish. I’ll show them to you below! In other news, you can find both fast fashion options and high design pieces and if you want to totally rock this look you will go for the oversized hoodie at Vetements.

Please check below some pics for inspiration – you’ll see I wasn’t lying when I told you that they work for every look!

Sweatshirt streetstyle (1) Sweatshirt streetstyle (2) Sweatshirt streetstyle (3)Paris Fashionweek day 6, outside Stella McCartney, Hanneli

Sweatshirt streetstyle (5) Sweatshirt streetstyle (6) Sweatshirt streetstyle (7)

And now for the shopping session of this program, see my favs below.

  1. ASOS Cape back. shop here
  2. ASOS Open back, shop here
  3. ASOS Open shoulder, shop here
  4. Gucci Garden, shop here
  5. Marc Jacobs Camouflage, shop here
  6. Marc Jacobs x MTV, shop here
  7. NSF Distressed, shop here
  8. Off White Embroidered, shop here
  9. Vetements, shop here

And as you know, I love giving you little surprises at the end, so here is the lovely Ioana and her fabulous pieces.