First collection for jewellery brand Mia Ru and we already sense the contemporary approach to great craftsmanship, yet the soft touch of timelessness every stone has to offer. 

I had the pleasure to enter the world of Mia Ru, to uncover a bit more of the creative soul of Delia Mia Rotaru. I hope you enjoy this beautiful melange of sunshine and strength!

Jewellery is always invested with energy: the energy of the metal, stone and colour. It’s a journey through time. How do these pieces make one feel?

I couldn’t agree more, energy is at the heart of everything. I believe that jewellery, like all forms of art, has a transformative energy. Each piece becomes a part of who you are, and it reflects your distinctive view of the world. It is a form of self-expression.
I also think the meaning of jewellery is given by the one who wears it. We buy jewellery with intention. There is creative energy both in the process of making it and in the act of wearing it. Our first collection was inspired by the feminine archetypes, each medallion is dedicated to one of the four archetypes, the qualities it brings forward, the perspectives it offers. When you choose to wear one of them, there is energy behind that choice and there is also meaning given to that piece: your own personal story that relates to that symbolism.

In this context stated above, how would you recommend combining them?

In our Féminité Archétypale Collection you’ll discover four medallions, meticulously cast in 14k solid gold, and adorned with a selection of diamonds, gemstones, and cultured pearls. All the medallions have a clip-on bail, making them a charm that you can attach your piece to any necklace with ease. Our chains perfectly complement the collection: each medallion can be worn alone, as statement piece, or layered with more medallions or chains, for a more lavish look. They were designed in the same modern aesthetic with retro undertones, so they go amazing together, either for a casual day look or for a more refined evening style.

mia ru gold jewellery

Ultimately, craftsmanship is key to timeless designs. How do you choose your artisans?

I wanted to create jewellery that I would truly love – pieces that have deeper meaning and that also stand the test of time. I had so many boxes filled with jewellery I only wore a few times, mostly because the materials used were not made to last. My goal was to create jewellery so precious and durable that it would become a precious heirloom, that could be passed down through generations.

That is why I chose solid gold and precious stones for my collection, so craftsmanship was a very important aspect of the creative process. Finding the right artisans was a laborious process and it took a lot of time and patience. I am very happy with the ateliers that I work with now. The exquisite gold chains are created in the heart of the gold district, in Vicenza, Italy. Our medallions are made to order in our partner jewellery atelier in India, home to talented artisans for over 40 years.

All our modern jewellery is meticulously cast and handcrafted in 14k solid gold. The polishing, stone setting, soldering, and enamelling are all done individually, tailored to the unique requirements of each design.

Our partner ateliers are home to skilled experts that deliver high quality craftsmanship, combining artisanal practice with technology. We only work with Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC) certified jewellers, which is the world’s leading sustainability standard setting organization for responsible and ethical jewellery throughout the entire supply chain. Also, an increasing part of our jewellery is made from recycled gold, in our effort to reduce our environmental impact.

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