You know I have some weak spots, I’ve told you all about them in previous articles. Now it’s time to open up a little bit more and share one of my favourite jewellery brands.

It’s called Alexandra Caspruf Jewelry and it creates the most magical, whimsical, feminine with a twist pieces. All curated and designed by Alexandra, they are always a statement of the modern woman – not afraid of a natural pearl, but always in need of some edge. I have built quite a collection during time (my Insta page is the living proff) and OF COURSE I’ve eyed some new items. No, I don’t need them, but I do WANT them.

So, cutting the story short, Alexandra just released a Christmas capsule collection, just in time for this edit (and Christmas shopping). You can see all the pieces below and there’s a little surprise at the end as well (more jewellery, of course).

And before you get too tangled in what pieces to chose, please know you can order them online or via the brand’s Insta page. They are all made by Alexandra’s hands, with an added touch of soul.

The surprise is there’s even more fine jewellery coming your way. Although not specially created for the occasion, these pieces will make for a fine gift. Whatever the season!

Happy shopping, bohemian babes!