You know we never endorse brands we don’t like or can’t vouch for but this time, it’s really different. I’ve been wearing Alexandra’s pieces right from the start, and I am basically hooked.  Oh, and I just received a new piece as a present (loving it and not taking it off for the foreseeable future).

Now that I’ve hyped you up, I know you’re curious about Alexandra, her boho inspired pieces and her love for pearls. So, go along with her insightful thoughts and start dreaming about your order!

#5 things we need to know about the brand

  • All our jewelry is hand made in our Bucharest atelier, with the utmost care for details.
  • Our bohemian chic universe was born from our designer’s love for globetrotters and travelling.
  • We believe in the beauty of imperfections, asymmetries and contrasting elements. We love pieces that bring together the rough and the precious.
  • We are continuously reinventing pearls, pushing them towards edgy, free spirited, fun territories.
  • Our jewelry is designed to be worn together with other pieces from present or past collections, and will easily take you from day to night.

#5 things we need to know about the creator

  • I started my career in fashion as a stylist and then turned my passion for artisanal jewelry into a business.
  • When I start to work on a new collection, the first thing that I do is ask myself what jewelry I would like to wear at that moment. Usually, 2-3 pieces come to mind and then I build around them.
  • I love mixing jewelry and I advise my customers to do the same. It’s a thing of personal style.
  • Every season I explore new color schemes, strong or pale, but always easy to wear.
  • I strongly advise to have fun styling jewelry:)

#Your favourite piece of jewelry you ever made

My favourite piece of jewelry is a pearls necklace that has been around for a few seasons and was just reinvented in this years Christmas collection. It’s called ATTRACTION and has all my favourite details, asimmetrical pearls, gold touches, stars and moons.

#What’s a jewelry trend we can bet on, for seasons to come

We don’t believe in jewelry trends, but in timeless pieces that you will always love. A pearl necklace, a colorful anklet or a starry chain will always find their way into your outfits.

#You only get to work with one material for a whole collection. What is it?

Pearls, for sure! I find it challenging to redefine a classic, making it easy and fun to wear.

Now, first things first – breathe. Then follow her Insta account and browse her website with incorporated goodies. If you’re on the lookout for some XMAS gifts (for you or a loved one), check out the special collection.