Like an Instagram pro, that it!

I know you have this (quiet) thing where you stalk different Instagram profiles and admire their skills. The way they mix leather & lace and make it look super easy, the way they walk on high heels on the most beat-up pavement or the way they stack their jewelry.

I am a massive fan of stacked jewelry, so I use my stalking capabilities to get new inspiration constantly. For the moment I am guided by the love of necklaces, but I’ve gone through the rings and bracelets crushes as well. So, being the Insta specialist of stacking, I thought I should share some insider’s tips & tricks and, of course, inspiration.

Here are some pointers, which apply to every kind of metal you want to layer.

  • Get a color scheme and stick to it. Nobody likes a mismatched rainbow.
  • Play with sizes/widths/lengths – always!
  • Use patterns or texture – maybe incorporate some textile into the mix
  • I would usually say go either for gold or silver, but I’ve seen some catchy combinations with both metals
  • Make sure you layer for the appropriate occasion – precious for the evening, colorful for day wear
  • Find a balance between color, texture, print
  • And last, but not least – Layering looks best on bare skin

Now here are some inspirational images and if you get the urgent need to shop, see my best buys at the moment.

As far as the shopping suggestions go, they are all from ASOS, so they are shoppable everywhere in the world. ‘Cause I’m nice like that.

Links on the description of each product: Pack of 3 cuffs, pack of 2 chain bracelets, duality ring, cat ring, rose gold chain, multirow choker

The inspo pictures come from:,,, MappCraft | Jenn Mapp Bressan, Raquel Castrop, Amarilo Jewelry