Repeat after me: you can never have too many white shirts. Especially when they’re crafted from the finest materials and have the best of details. Yes, you got it right – we found a new designer and we want to share their story with you.

With products names such as Celest, Majestic or Empress, demiur has launched in style. The brand now focuses on women’s shirts with very intricate and personal details – some transparencies here and here, some voluminous sleeves or a feminine neck tie. It’s hard to pick a favourite since they seem to cater for your every mood or every persona – Nomad for your getaway vibes or Midnight for the hottest date.

I’m sure you’ve checked out their webshop by now and are curious about the story, so here we go, with your favourite topics:

#5 things we need to know about the brand

  • demiur is a conscious luxury brand born from the desire to make women of any age and background feel and look feminine everyday. It’s addressed to women who want to be noticed and stand out quietly because of their natural beauty and feminine power. 
  • Our launching collection consists of 8 iconic white shirts that are designed for more than one season and each and every design is elegant and versatile, created to take you from the office to a cocktail. 
  • All the shirts are designed, sourced and manufactured locally in Romania.
  • Despite only recently launching the brand, we now have worldwide customers.
  • If demiur were a woman it would be one of the Olsen sisters.

#5 things we need to know about the creator

  • I believe in supporting the local small business and creating an ethical and sustainable brand of the future.
  • I love the shirt as a garment, I find it elegant and feminine and I believe it gives you a certain confidence wearing it. 
  • My background education is very different from the creative field. I had a job in the financial field for almost 10 years before I was inspired to follow my true passion and create a premium Romanian clothing brand. It all started when I began to learn fashion design in my late 20’s and realised that I just love to see how an idea sketched on paper comes to life into a garment.
  • I have always loved and respected style and clothes. Every day you can be a different character and highlight interesting sides of your personality and state of mind. I believe that by choosing your clothes you can wear your story.
  • I take piano lessons to help me relax after a long week 🙂

#The signature look at demiur

I don’t think I have a signature look, but I do have a signature style: it’s about the structured designs and patterns and the monochromatic tones which I believe are the key to making the feminine collection timeless and giving longevity. Because the shirts stand out by cut and fabric I chose shades of white to complement and best highlight the design of the shirts. 

#Favourite way to wear a white shirt

For me it goes around like this: for a relaxed outfit – flared or oversized jeans, sneakers and a nude/ brown coat and a colored scarf for chilly days; pearl earrings to accompany it. And if I want to feel fancy I change my sneakers with a pair of bold high heels.

#You only get to wear 5 items for one year – what are they?

oversized jeans, favourite sneakers, white T-shirt, long oversized puffer jacket and of course the white shirt 🙂

If you’d like to keep up with the brand, be sure to follow them on Insta.