The Batman of brands!

Let me start from the beginning: I discovered MOOS on Facebook (now I know that it was soon after their launch, then I thought I had missed out on a gem for so long). I fell in love with their minimalist design in general & their awesome shirts in particular (you know I go nuts for a well cut shirt).

Time passed and we decided on this type of article on HipBoulevard and, of course, they were among the first on my list. I need to tell you there’s a dynamic, creative duo behind the brand (and I know their names), but they like to stay out of the spotlight, let their collections shine instead. Hence, the Batman reference.

So here they are, the 5 things they would like you to know about MOOS:

  1. They came up with the idea in 2015, on a beach in Greece, after a party. (Would there be a better time & place?). However, May 2016 was the official launch date.
  2. The men and children collections are scheduled for sometime in the near future.
  3. They like to use androgynous models for their photo shoots. The two are in charge not only with design, but also with photos & advertising, getting some help from their two friends, both named Ioana: Ioana Oprea (make-up) and Ioana Pascal @Obsidian.
  4. Before launching a collection they run the ideas through a family council, but good feedback is still on the horizon. (Why? Oh, why?)
  5. The beginning of MOOS was very hard. (But you’ll always remember, right?)

I know you’re really curios about who’s behind the brand, but I was sworn to secrecy, so all you can know is that none of the two is actually a designer. However, one of them is a photographer and the other is a video producer, so they rely on their keen eye for detail & art. They are united by their wish to create quality products, all made in Romania. Their materials come from Italy & Hungary and are whipped into shape by their ideas inspired by movies, photography, Instagram,¬†ACNE STUDIOS, Coldplay, Kendrick Lamar, 70’s-80’s Italian music & Sweden. (nice mix, guys!)

Their Summer collection (featuring that darling blue linen dress) is called BEHAVE and carries on the clean cut lines we/I know & love. The key materials of the collection are linen & cotton and I am positive you’ll find something for your everyday need: a business meeting or a holiday on the Amalfi Coast.

Oh, and I also got an inside scoop! Their next collection will focus on oversized hoodies! Awesome MOOS is awesome.

As I know you feel an urgent need to shop for some MOOS pieces you can find their online store here. Get inspired on their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram!