There’s only so much work you can do in and around the house, so inevitably one (meaning me) starts browsing. This brings me to my online discoveries which for the sake of the conversation, I’m willing to share.

Today’s brand on the hip radar: Never Fully Dressed.

Some sophisticated British sass served in pieces you’ll want to wear all summer. Prints are one of their most attractive features and so are the wrap dresses, which I always love. You’ll also find some great two piece suits and basic Ts to make everything go together flawlessly. Also, watch out for their instant sales, pieces literarily fly off the racks.

Here are some pieces I would add to cart, seeing them loved and worn in a sunny city break in one of my European favs or for a night out in a classy beachside environment (I’m thinking San Sebastian or Biarritz, just fyi).

Find their online shop here, their Facebook page here and their Insta page here. All set!