You may say it’s a basic gift to think of, but I say think again!

Perfume may be a classical gift, but can’t we turn it up a notch and transform it into something really cool? Oh yes, we can! Think out of the box – go for out of the ordinary scents, for complete gift boxes, for brands your loved one wouldn’t even consider in their daily life. Isn’t this the whole purpose – surprise and bring joy? We have found some fantastic options, available in cosmetic shops throughout. Oh, and here’s our guide on how to pair them, so you have no excuse for picking the wrong gift this year!

#Givenchy L’Interdit Eau de Parfum is the ultra classy choice. Be sure to pick it up for a bold, feminine, powerful lady. She will surely appreciate it and wear it when she conquers the world!

#Kenzo World is the perfect choice for that adventurous friend of yours. Always on the go, high energy levels, more then ready to hop on the plane – you know the type and we know she’ll take it with her in all corners of the world. And the gift pouch – so cute!


#La Femme Prada is so elegant and distinguished – you could even recognised your mother or classy aunt in it. Give it a try, they will wear it each morning, with grace and that unbothered concentration!

#Moschino Toy is a great choice if you’re in the market for a young approach. Be it a friend, a young colleague at work or a niece, they will best identify with the playful tones of this scent. Oh, and the funny bottle!