Knitted trousers are not easy to pull off outside of home. You want to look effortless, but not slouchy or like you forgot to change your clothes for going out.

This type of pants entered the fashion “scene” about two years ago but it seemed hard to approach. They really need to have a great cut, not look like a failed gangsta outfit.

I would advise you to choose safe colors like black, white, camel or grey. Red or bright green will set the tone for a Christmas carol and that’s not your goal! When I first bought a pair my first question was what shoes to wear. I didn’t want to have a baggy silhouette, that would lack femininity. Now, if the knitted trousers are tapered, then the mission becomes more possible. If you want to go for a straight leg or palazzo shape, then you’ll have to try on a few options so you can have a stylish final result.

Flared knitted trousers

If you are on the edgy side of things, then this cut is for you. Match them with fur-lined leather loafers, like the well-known ones from Gucci! Add a cami top and heavy necklaces for a fantastic daytime look.

Joseph Resort

Need to run? Wear your trusty sneakers with lightweight knitted trousers and a cool hoodies. Complete the ensemble with a cross-body bag and a fitness tracker to make every journey count!

grey knitted trousers

Wide-leg knitted trousers

Would you dare to go to dinner with such a pair? A uni-color outfit would bring elegance to the equation so opt for black pants, sleeveless silk blouse and a precious necklace. Diamonds would definitely complement this extravaganza.

If you love neutral, buttery tones, taupe ankle boots (even sock boots), gold rings on almost each finger and a cashmere sweater will send you immediately to the best dressed list!

TSE RTWWide-leg knitted trousers

Slim silhouette

Whether you choose slim pants or leggings, these can be styled with many sorts of boots. Go for a similar shade of shoes & trousers if you want to visually elongate the silhouette! Pick contrasting cold shades for color blocking!

I didn’t mention how comfy these are, easy to wear all day long. I very much like this pair below, you need to zoom in to see they’re real knit because their cut is flawless. That’s why you can wear them to the office because they won’t lose their shape easily like most knitted trousers do, unfortunately.

If you prefer wool leggings, mix them with a turtleneck and a puff jacket for relaxed weekends. Lots of options here, at Asos.

ports1961 slim knitted trousers

Ports 1961 on Farfetch

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