DALB is a contemporary ready-to-wear brand – a manifest for slow-fashion. Mihaela Dulgheru, founder and designer, gives us a scoop into her thoughts and atelier. 

How can be timeless fashion reinvented, what is femininity nowadays? Let’s see!

1.  5 things you need to know about the brand.

All I create is limited edition because I strive to use natural fibers and luxurious fabrics, says Mihaela Dulgheru. When you see the fit, you realize it is high-end fashion at an affordable price-point. Plus, DALB promotes the slow-fashion concept by encouraging its customers to consider each piece of clothing that they buy as an investment and to focus on the styling rather than on new acquisition. Last but not least, seasonless pieces are key!

2. Your signature look or item.

The white shirt, I believe it’s the most versatile piece of clothing ever.

3. Most favorite fabric to work with.

I love to work with silk – it flows like no other fabric, it can be almost immaterial.

4. How do you define femininity?

Femininity is not a vulnerability, but our greatest strength. In terms of style, it’s the ability to look naturally graceful and delicate, without showing too much or too little. It’s a matter of attitude, not only of a certain choice of clothes.

5. A trend you will explore for spring.

Clean lines & flowing silhouettes. Simplicity is fascinating as it leaves room for endless interpretations.

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