“I believe that beauty comes first from within. My creations are made not to disguise or hide an individual’s personality, but to reveal it.”

Giorgio Armani


Powered by the belief that the ultimate elegance is to be oneself, in the past 20 years ARMANi BEAUTY has aimed to bring exceptional lightness, hold, comfort and ease. This anniversary comes not only with a celebration of the brand’s iconic products, but also with a momentous opening: the first Armany Beauty boutique in Europe, in Bucharest, Romania.

From the use of carefully selected materials to the dialogue between the elements of nature and its timelessness, Giorgio Armani’s creations convey values of simplicity, high demand and durability. You have surely tried the famous Armani Glow or the haute skincare collection CREMA NERA. If not, be sure to pay a visit to the store or online retailers and start your Armani Beauty collection!