You own at least one, right?

I know Cult Gaia is the holy grail, the undoubtable standard in the matter, but there are some other natural material bags out there worthy of your attention. You can go fast fashion brands or local artisans, but you’ll still find your match.

Now, pretty girls have started wearing them last summer and they are all over the place again this season. Not only for beach looks (which are actually overrated), but for in town meetings, city breaks, family dinners and everything in between. The small ones are generally chic choices for daytime or cocktails, while the large ones will be great to carry around during a long hot day in the city. Please pay attention to the handle, it can sometimes hurt sensitive skin.

Not only are they pretty, but they go with EVERYTHING! Flowy dresses, checkered skirts, pyjama looks, satin shorts, jeans. Here’s some inspiration if you still feel you don’t know how to incorporate such a piece in your day to day wardrobe:

And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – models for you to shop, shop, shop 🙂 Sorry, I went a little overboard at Mango! All pieces are available online or in your local store, so just a click or ride away!

Now, get moving and inspire us with your summer looks, ASAP!


All inspiration photos: Pinterest. All product photos: company websites.