Yes, babes, you heard it well!

One of your favourite fashion retailers has officially expended into the home & deco sector (excited gasp)!

We were happy to browse their selection and report back! RESERVED HOME came out with 3 segments to choose from – The classical collection, with I guess, timeless pieces, that will prove great if you’re buying everything at one. They are so beautifully designed and in sync with the current trends, you’ll have a hard time saying no. Then there’s The romantic line – all you girly girlies will love the pastels and flowery prints, sending you directly into a Tuscan dream. Last, but not list – The Minimal Collection, clearly designed for all the Scandi style lovers out there.

My first wow moment? EXQUISITE deco pieces! The ceramic vases and candles will surely make their way into your shopping cart. We’ve already spotted some minimal pieces that would complement any 2023 interior like a charm. Well done, RESERVED!

Then? The bedding! Oh, those satin sheets and beautiful prints! Love the geometric patterns and how well everything matches. Be sure to also check out the homewear section, because those silky PJs surely need a new home.


Last, but not least – glasses and mugs – a category that always catches my eye. The diversity of glasses is, again, great for a starter home – be sure to check your white and red wine glasses as well as your bubbly glasses. You’ll need them for a house warming party!

I’m a glass cart have full girlie, so I’m off completing that order!