2018 is the fourth year in a row when FashionUP celebrates women on heels (#PeToc) by organizing a dedicated event. This femininity statement was highlighted on Friday through the concept – women empowering women.

On the 14th of September, bloggers, media and fashion lovers all gathered to see an exclusive photography exhibition which showed the thematic work of five young photographers in Romania: Raluca-Ioana Chipriade, Costina Purice, Oana Parache, Cosmina Conțu and Alexandra Bușcu. The images illustrated women in their own vision: eclectic, dreamy, independent.

Next to the “high heels” exhibition, FashionUP put together a shoe gallery  with the most inspiring designs for fall.

#PeToc event took place at SwitchLab, with the support of Douglas, Strongbow, Touching Art Cocktail, Cointreau, Books Express and Tartelicious.