Shopping for a Scorpio soon? We’re not astrologists but we sure know how to hunt for the most creative&smart gifts!

Proud owner of a Scorpio friend? We put together a list that can guide you through the online options. This sign is ready for success but doesn’t like excesses. Famous Scorpios? Hillary Clinton, Emma Stone, Anna Wintour, Demi Moore, Calvin Klein, Pablo Picasso.

Never underestimate the power of a woman. That’s what they would say, for sure! So this Nasty Gal muscle tee can become a trustworthy piece in their wardrobe. The Scorpio girls will appreciate it and remember you for a long time.

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shopping for a scorpio

They work hard to learn more about their limits. Why wouldn’t you give them a pair of feminine leggings for yoga or gym? This adidas by Stella McCartney pair with floral print is practical in any season so it’s definitely a sign that you care for their healthy schedule.

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adidas stella mccartney leggings


The ultra black eyeliner from Guerlain is a must in a Scorpio’s beauty kit. Your friend will love the product because it’s very precise, offering a graphic make-up. The long-wearing formula ensures a spotless look all day long.

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We all like to travel but they really enjoy it to the max. This floral suitcase by Ted Baker is a sophisticated companion for their future journeys. Give them the luggage and the little Scorpio will show you their plain tickets.

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Designing and redesigning their thinking once in a while? This Roger Martin title can be well related to the item above. Therefore, a good occupation while heading to the next destination. Find the “Design of Business” book here.


Did we guess right? Now let’s go shopping for a Scorpio!