You do know fashion is more than browsing Instagram. Of course, that’s why you’re reading our pieces. Now here are 3 (ok, 4) books I’d buy right this instant. They’re not a starter kit for fashion books collections though, but more on the advanced section of the library.

If you’re just picking up the basic pieces I suggest going for the classics: bios on every major designer, books on costume evolution over the ages and the beautifully dedicated volumes on the history of the dress, the shoes or the hats.

Now, on to my shopping list for the season.

#50 Fashion Legends by the Fashionary (i recently added it to the collection) and I love the graphic way of displaying information. All Fashionary books are very informative and up to speed, so they make for a quick and fun reading anytime, anywhere.

#The Ultimate Sneaker Book by Tashen – I’m just getting the taste for limited edition sneakers and I’ve found some cool brands and models to follow. Look for my article on sustainable sneakers brands, right here. All in all, this Taschen number is great anthology to browse and a hot topic over the dinner table.

#Farfetch Curates – now, when I found this Assouline piece my hands almost started shaking. A set of 3, featuring the brand’s boutique owners, along with expert curators, bringing readers the ultimate fashion-tuned guides. From art galleries, to foodie spots, to product design or unbeaten tracks in Japan, this series has it all!

#The Coveteur book – yes, by that Coveteuer, yes in print, yes you need it! It features over 40 insanely stylish closets photographed all over the world, complete with the most fashion forward ideas from people you already or will start to follow!

Now, pretty please with books on top, tell me all about your picks!



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Main photo: The Lifestyle Files via Pinterest