Gala Gonzalez fashion diary

Gala is a fashion blogger that I’ve been following for some years now. She’s not the most popular or mainstream figure (obviously) and that’s why I like her. Because she kept her identity intact from the start. received the Best Blogger award at Cosmopolitan Awards in 2012. Her style is of an effortless Mediterranean girl: natural, simply sensual without trying too much.

Here are a few of Gala’s looks from this summer. Hope you like them as well!


This printed one-piece from Eres suits her silhouette and compliments her skin and hair tone.

No words for this one! So stylish!

The peasant dress is on trend and there is no reason to not having one.

How to wear the high-waisted shorts? With a knotted t-shirt of course. More views on Instagram here.

Denim and an ethnic tunic – she confirms my thoughts on her being a daughter of the 70’s, even though she was born in 1986! 🙂 The yellow Tory Burch bag is an impactful detail as it makes a summer-ish contrast to the otherwise season-less look!

gala gonzalez blogger summer

This outfit by Max&co is timeless even if it has a lot of textures and prints. You can definitely try it yourself!

gala gonzalez blogger look

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