We’ve done this kind of thing before and you loved it. And we do to, because all our best finds are poured into HB articles. So here is a new edition of the Instagram accounts you need to check out. This time they’re mixed and matched because Hello, diverse interests!. So, you’re getting a fashion fix, a travelgram and a deco number. Basically, all the best things in the world, wrapped into one!

Oh, quick disclaimer – we know and admire all these ladies in real life, but we’re not biased. Promise. Check out their profiles (click on the names) and you’ll understand.

#Fashion – Codrina Apostol

She looks good, but that’s not the point. She dresses excellent and that IS one if the points. She puts heart and soul into her pictures, her projects and her recommendations. Her photoshoots are borderline pieces or art and the best part – you get to see her soul, her mind and her view on life. Which is rare. And even more rare combined with all that fashion. Oh, and please watch her stories for beauty recommendations and…incredible funny features of her husband.

#Travel – PrinLume

What started out as a couple traveling the world became a cute little family conquering Netherlands. They have awesome pictures of the places they’ve seen but the great thing is that they have a story. A story about themselves, their destination, their approach on travelling, tips and tricks, likes and dislikes – all you’d ever need to set up a trip of your own. Love their realness, their approach on simple things, raising a kid, juggling with jobs and passions. It’s as real as it can get, all wrapped up in pretty pictures making you remember that life is really what you make it.

#Deco – Monica Novac

If you like the laid back, minimal Scandi style, Monica is your go to person. She has a dreamy place, with attentively curated pieces (yes, we share a love for Danish furniture shops, but don’t tell on me). With her it’s not only about how a place looks, but also about how it feels, how it can be lived in and become fully inviting. Check out her stories for advice on setting up different corners of the house and watch out for her brunch photos – truly addictive! Even if you’re not decorating a house from scratch you’ll find great inspiration for small pieces that make it a home.